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Pet Therapist was established in Barcelona in 2014 as a result of the dream of two psychologists in order to improve the quality of life of those who need it most through dog-assisted interventions.

By combining our training as psychologists and working with dogs specifically trained and prepared for this work, we offer a therapy designed to achieve therapeutic and/or educational goals in a motivating, stimulating, and fun environment that everyone wants to be part of.

In return, we get our greatest reward: seeing the participants smile and knowing that they have had an unforgettable experience.


What do we do at Pet Therapy?

Animal Assisted Therapy (TAA)

Its purpose is to achieve therapeutic goals. These are always established with the collaboration of the rest of the professionals who accompany the patient and are designed according to the capacities of each one. Procedures for measuring and evaluating them are carried out in order to be able to check objectively if there has been an improvement or if any modification of the aspects to be worked on must be made.

In the sessions, aspects similar to those that would be raised in consultation are worked on. The difference lies in the methodology and the resources used: the presence of the dog. It is he who helps the psychologist to create a playful and pleasant environment, promoting that people show greater motivation and spontaneity in the activities that are carried out and with it a greater predisposition and initiative to participate without realizing that they are receiving treatment.

Animal Assisted Education (EAA)

At EAA, the objectives set are focused on the field of education and learning.

Through the game with the animal, we can incorporate educational elements. This interaction is used to favor the socio-educational development of the participants, introducing a new and stimulating tool that will facilitate the learning process.

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)

They are those activities in which the dog acts as a motivating element for participation. It is not necessary to establish specific objectives for the participants since its content is spontaneous and it is not necessary to document the changes that have occurred.

These types of activities seek, through contact with animals, to motivate, educate, and recreate people to improve their quality of life. Its purpose is playful.

How We Work

Why do we incorporate a dog in therapy sessions?

The strong bond established with therapy animals makes people enjoy the activity while developing skills in various areas.

We know that the more pleasant the intervention, the better effects it will have and the faster the pre-established objectives will be achieved. And it is also impossible to resist the gaze of our dogs asking for a caress!

How to start therapy?

pets, cute, cat, dog, cute wallpaper, pink, animals, friends | PikistAs psychologists, we set ourselves therapeutic and/or educational objectives to work with each person or group of people, depending on their abilities and needs.

We design programs in which we adapt the activities to the presence of the dog as the main element of attention, thus creating a much more fun and stimulating environment. Everyone wants to participate and play with the dogs!

The activities that we propose in the sessions are focused on achieving objectives in four main areas:

  • Cognitive Area.
  • Emotional Area.
  • Social area.
  • Educative area.

Our sessions

Our therapy sessions can be individual or group and last 60 minutes. We do not forget the rest of the professionals involved in each case and we always try to work in collaboration with them, whether they are psychiatrists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, educators, etc.