The assisted dog therapy is a type of treatment carried out by qualified psychologists in which the figure of the element can be used as a motivator to achieve specific objectives designed.

The presence of our therapists in each of the sessions helps us to establish a strong bond with the patients and that they, in turn, feel free to express themselves as they are and as a consequence improve their state of health and increase your sense of well-being.

Each session is specifically designed based on the specific needs of the person or group of people who will participate. It can be focused on cognitive, motor, emotional goals, and even treat phobias. The presence of the dog allows patients to work on these objectives without noticing it by being aware of the animal and its bond and interaction with it.

What do we do?

 At Pet Therapy our main objective is to increase the quality of life of our participants. For this, we develop dog-assisted interventions mainly in 4 axes: 
  • Dog assisted therapy
  • Dog assisted education
  • Dog assisted activities
  • Dog assisted coaching

Each of these areas has specific objectives and work methodologies, but they all have in common the main role of the therapy dog as a source of motivation and stimulation.

How we work?

 At Pet Therapy we count on the presence and support of our dogs in therapy sessions to help us establish a greater bond with our patients. And above all, to make therapy a pleasant and rewarding process where everyone can naturally develop their abilities with the company of an unconditional furry friend.

For our team, the constant evolution of patients is vital for their progress, for this reason we carry out continuous monitoring through reports that allow us to detect improvements and also the points to continue working on.