Questions to ask an SEO consultant

Search Engine Optimization is a vital requirement in digital marketing because it helps to attract visitors to the site.

SEO consultants help in reviewing keywords and phrases that match the search pattern. The keywords and phrases are then utilized by the SEO consultant to generate content and articles.

This aspect indicates that SEO consultants have more experience to be engaged when in need of more information and knowledge. That said, here are some of the questions to ask an SEO consultant;


1. How does engagement start and what is required?

As a business hiring a consultant, you should be able to understand what is required of you in enabling a successful project. The consultants also should provide you the things they require to access and engage with to enable a successful business.


2. What is your link-building approach?

When you are hiring an SEO consultant to develop links to your sites you should be able to have enough knowledge of the advantages and limitations of link building. Therefore, you need to ask your consultants how links are built on your site, what is prioritized, and the measure of success at the end.


3. Will you treat my competitors as clients?

As much as some SEO consultants will work directly with your competitors, you should be able to ask how they will be able to handle the situation more effectively.

It is well known that some agencies have successfully worked with competitors for a while, but this should not hinder you from asking questions on how they will handle the situation, also ensuring maximum success on your side.


4. How long does SEO take to start working?

This question is very important in enabling you to plan and measure the period of your success. A good SEO consultant will be able to give you information about other clients whom they have worked with and what they took to achieve the results.


5. Who will I talk to regularly?

This is an important question to ask consultant who works mainly as agencies. Most of them may have well-set communication management but is always better to ask and ensure that you are comfortable with it.


6. What’s the cost?

Cost is very important in deciding the types of agencies to acquire their services based on your set out budget. Therefore, you should be able to ask them about pricing and be sure of the budget range to avoid future surprises.

If you are to ask all these questions and get the right answers from an SEO consultant, you’ll be sure of getting the best services and enjoy success in the end.


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