The treatment of behavior problems in dogs and cats is possible once we have a reliable diagnosis.

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The behavior modification sessions consist of working individually and totally personalized the behavior problems of your animal, in a controlled and adequate environment for the correct evolution of the treatment.

The first is to differentiate if the animal has a behavior problem or an education problem:

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What does it consist of?

Behavior problem

Many behavior problems have an organic or neurological cause and cannot be solved with training alone. Its treatment and diagnosis must be carried out by a clinical ethologist veterinarian since he is the only professional who has the necessary knowledge to be able to discern between organic problems (health, pathological) that can cause or aggravate behavior problems, and behavior problems themselves.
A coach/educator can do the behavior modification, but should never be the one to diagnose the problem.


Education Problem

These problems, in many cases, are the result of the owners’ ignorance about how to give their dog a good education and, in some cases, use tools that, far from solving the problem, aggravate it, turning into a lack of education canine in a behavior problem such as aggressiveness.