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At some moments in the life of the pet, we must resort to surgery as a therapeutic option. Before any surgical intervention, a preoperative study should always be carried out, regardless of the age and physical condition of the cat, to ensure that the patient’s condition is optimal before being anesthetized to enter the operating room, as is done in pediatrics and human surgery.

That the cat does not feel pain is one of our priorities, therefore we administer the most effective and safe analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs before and during surgery as well as during the entire recovery period at home. Adequate pain control makes it possible to dispense with the Elizabethan collar in many cases.

Soft tissue surgery: At Pet Therapist we can tackle any surgery that our patient needs, knowing in depth the particularities of feline anatomy and the most up-to-date techniques to be able to perform each surgery in the most effective way possible.

Traumatology: In our center, each case is studied in detail to adapt the surgery to each patient, taking into account their age and the presence of one or more trauma.