Should I vaccinate and deworm my cat?

Many owners today continue to ask the question of whether or not they should vaccinate and deworm their cat. In dogs, vaccination and deworming are accepted by most owners. And since many of the domestic cats do not go outside and do not have contact with other animals, we think that it is not necessary to protect them from contagions from outside. 

This is a false belief. We do go out on the street. And although we do not have direct contact with other animals, we do go where sick animals and parasites could have been. When we get home and step on the ground with street shoes we can transmit diseases to our furry friends to which they are more exposed if we do not vaccinate and deworm them.

It is advisable to go to the vet at least once a year to do a check-up and apply the vaccinations that you consider necessary. 

The deworming today is very easy to put even at home. We bought the pipette and we put it between the two ears, parting the hair so that it comes into contact with the skin. This will be absorbed and will pass into the bloodstream, leaving our partner protected for three months. There is the option of giving it in a pill, the most traditional method that protects the kitten in the same way.

You must be very careful when buying antiparasitic products and be advised by your veterinarian. Many pipettes can be toxic to your cats.

Deworming protects us too. They, without any intention, can transmit their parasites to us. And this is of greater risk if we talk about the elderly, children, people with a disease or under treatment, and pregnant women. So we must deworm our partner once a month. 

These two measures are basic to guarantee our cat a healthy life. Along with a balanced diet, brushing their teeth often, providing them with spaces where they can play and move freely, and keeping them company and pampering them a lot, we ensure that the animal meets its basic needs. 

Now, if we really care about the health of our colleagues and we want to be calm about it, at Anaga Centro Veterinario we offer you annual health plans that, in addition to deworming and vaccines, cover all the consultations you need to have with your cat and many other advantages