Who Is Cockapoo Dog Suitable For?

Cohabitation with a cockapoo implies paying attention to two aspects in particular: on the one hand, the maintenance of their coat is quite demanding, on the other hand, this hybrid dog is a real force of nature who is extremely loveable. He will therefore feel in his element with families or singles who like to go out in all weathers.

Care: How Often To Go To the Grooming Salon?

Many dog lovers wonder if the cockapoo loses much of its hair. It depends on the dog, but in principle, the more your pet’s hair is curled like that of the poodle, the less hair it will lose – assuming it loses any. However, it is not a dog to advise allergy sufferers.

Most hybrid dogs have a demanding coat that requires a lot of maintenance. Even if they do not lose hair, they must be shorn three to four times a year. Their coat also tends to feel. Burdocks, twigs, or dust easily cling to their hair. Deep brushing is recommended every other day – a frequency to adapt depending on the structure of your pet’s fur.

Take this opportunity to make sure that your companion’s ears do not contain dirt, as inflammations can quickly result from the moist heat maintained by the drooping ears. For some individuals of the breed, regular hair removal of ear hair is necessary. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian if it is necessary for your pet.

Who Is This Breed Of Dog Made For?

This “designer dog” will make a perfect companion dog for sporty families. They usually get along well with cats, especially when growing up alongside them.

Even if the cockapoo can find its happiness in the city, it remains a true friend of nature and feels the need to run every day outdoors. He will only support life in a relatively small dwelling in this condition.

Be careful, however: many cockapoos have inherited from the cocker spaniel a propensity to bark more than reason. If you live in a building, your pet may start commenting on any event, such as the opening of the neighbors’ door or the cries of children coming from the upper floor. If you have a poorly soundproofed home, it is better to be warned of this habit.


Cockapoos are dogs as cute as they are friendly. Their appearance and sociable nature, however, should not obscure the fact that they need a lot of exercises, and consistent education and their hair requires intensive maintenance. So many reasons why these dogs will be more suitable for seasoned masters who have a lot of time to devote to them.

A good cockapoo breeder, like Puff N Stuff, would give you tips on how to take care of this special dog breed. See current litters to choose the puppy of your choice and add him to your family.